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   A golfer's solution to torn pockets
and holding up the game.   

When founder and inventor Silvestre A. Treviño Jr. had enough of torn holes in trouser pockets and the heckling from his golf group, he decided to invent a solution to this age old problem.

After a year of design and prototyping, Ready Tee was born. Designed to clip to your belt, cap, or golf bag, Ready Tee is the perfect solution for keeping your golf tees ready at all times. With it's light weight design, Ready Tee can hold up to three tees, so your partners never have to wait for you to run back to the cart! Even if you break or lose your tee, Ready Tee stays on your belt ready for the next drive. 

Ready Tee is a golf accessory designed to hold golf tees so they are always right where you need them. The Ready Tee golf clip doubles as an advertising platform for companies, teams and tournaments. 


Ready Tee reduces time lost looking for a tee on the tee box or running to the golf cart to grab another. Our innovative design allows you to hold up to three tees and can be worn on a belt, cap, pocket or golf bag. This allows the golfer to focus on the game and to be ready for tee off!

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